So film isn’t music?  Think again.  When a boxer does a total knock out and within the last few seconds a slow motion scene begins of his victim falling out, that is music.  When two dangerous mob face off and dance their walk before they fight, that is Kinsta Music.  Don’t you ever think we won’t roll those cool ass soundtracks either.  Not only will we be producing the film, we will be producing the soundtracks.  What a cool idea huh?  It’s time to dance now.

Listen to the talk show host, Robin Victoria Williams on The Big Screen, on Sound Cloud.  She’ll be talking about her love life and what Kinsta Music will be doing in the near future.

Back in the year 2010, Kinsta Music was MySpace’s top profile for the number of famous musical artists on it’s profile. We had over 10,000 friends in total and over 6,000 famous artists were included in that total. Our url was rovimedia…hint hint. Robin Victoria Williams is the President of Kinsta Music.

We are also good to our own God. We are different. Just know it. Look

An interesting fact…

Robin is the President of New Energy Earth.  Her website is based in Germany at